About Mrs. Drucker

Welcome to Los Cerritos!!! My name is Mrs. Drucker and this year, I am teaching 6th grade English and history, 7th grade English and I am also an adviser for an 8th grade leadership class called W.E.B.

The 2019-2020 school year will be the 13th year that I have taught at L.C. Over those 12 years, I have taught 6th grade English and history, 8th grade English, 7th grade English and three different leadership classes (A.S.B., L.C.S.A. and W.E.B.). I absolutely love this school and I am so excited to                           start another year!

For a little bit of background on me...I received my B.A. from California State University  Northridge in 2005 and I was a liberal studies major with a concentration in literature (I love to read!).  Then, I received my teaching credential as well as my Masters in Education from Pepperdine University in 2007, and I have been teaching at Los Cerritos ever since. There is no where else I would rather teach!

When I am not teaching, I am a die-hard sports fan - I love to watch and play many kinds of sports (bring on Fantasy Football!).  Even though I went to CSUN and Pepperdine, I am a HUGE USC Trojans fan (family legacy) and I also love the Lakers, Dodgers, Kings (and now Rams!) (So Cal girl born and raised!).  I love to go to games and cheer on my teams! :)  I also love to travel, go to the beach, shop with my sisters, play with my cat, practice yoga and eat out with my husband. As a brand new addition. my husband and I just had our first child in November of 2016. Gavin Drucker is the newest member of the Los Cerritos Leopard family!

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Mr. & Mrs. Drucker - July 2010

Mrs. Drucker's "Baby" Caesar :)