Room 29 Wish List - Flexible Seating!

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We are in the process of converting our classroom to have FLEXIBLE SEATING OPTIONS! If you are interested in supporting our classroom, please visit our Flexible Seating Amazon Wish List by clicking on the link below! Thank you, in advance, for the support of our classroom! :)

The following are supplies that are always in need in room 29!  When you do fun activities, they require a lot of materials! :)  Thank you in advance for the support of our class!

            * Clear Sheet Protectors              Pens (Colored & Plain)
            White Out (tape and/or liquid)        Colored Pencils & Markers
            * Spiral Notebooks                   * Glue Sticks
            Kleenex                          Lysol Wipes
            * Sharpies                         * Construction Paper
            * Lined Notebook Paper               * Post-It Notes (for pop-up 
            * White Board Markers               notes dispenser) 
            * White Board Erasers