Study Tools & Fun Websites

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Kahoot!  Play Games, Take Quizzes and Polls! 
Quizlet Create & Exchange Online Flashcards! 
Kitz Kikz Printable Flashcard Maker Make Digital Flashcards! 
Book Finder Look Up Reading Levels of Books 
Learning Games for Kids Games for Practicing Typing 
Typing Web Games to Practice Typing 
SBAC Practice Tests You Can Take Practice Tests to Prepare for the SBAC Test 
Grammar Games Play Fun Games to Practice Your Knowledge of Grammar  
Puzzle Maker Create Fun Puzzles Like Crosswords, Word Searches, and Much More! 
Make Beliefs Comics Create Online Comic Strips to Review and Share Information That You Have Learned 
Read, Write, Think Create Online Comic Strips to Review and Share Information That You Have Learned 
Mummy Making Learn How Mummies Were Created and Actually Go Through the Process of Embalming a Body and Creating a Mummy 
Citation Machine Visit This Site to Get Help On a Bibliography or Works Cited 
Spelling City Online Activities to Practice Your Spelling  
Early Human Cave Paintings Take a Virtual Tour of Early Humans Cave Paintings from France 
Cuneiform Writer Write Your Name in Cuneiform 
Edmodo Online Educational Networking and Learning Community 
The Ultimate Spelling Resource Guide Lots of Helpful Spelling Resources 
Google Classroom Complete & Submit Assignments on Google Classroom! 
Latitude and Longitude Game Latitude and Longitude Game 
Where in the World? Latitude and Longitude Activity 
Showing 21 items